Lesbian Cuckolding Wife Takes A Bisexual Female Lover

Helen let's her husband know who where's the trousers in their household!

Now I know that it sounds bad, but if I'd caught my wife with a man I might have been truly upset. But it wasn't a man, and the fact was we'd been talking about one day getting into a threesome with another woman. She'd even joked about me coming home and finding her in bed with another girl someday soon.

I'm such a git sometimes. When I heard the moaning from the bedroom as I came in after work, I thought Helen might be laid up sick. I hurried into the bedroom to find her laid up, all right -- full nude with her legs spread apart, and a dark-haired woman happily licking at her twat! I'll admit to being shocked by being introduced to swinging in this way, but the view had my cock straining at my fly within seconds. In addition to the wife's gloriously aroused body, I was presented with the sight of a beautiful backside centered with a drooling cunt. I soon realized that I'd seen that freckly backside in a bikini down at the beach; I'd never seen the cunt though I'd dreamt about it once or twice. This was a woman who was like a sister to Helen, her best friend Kim! And by the way they were going at it this wasn't the first time they'd pleasured each other. What had I been missing?

I stepped towards the bed to be told in no uncertain terms that untill i was given permission i was to come no closer, i was shocked, gutted and supprised to be put in my place like that, but realsied that i had been well and truly cuckolded by that point so did as i was told.

About 20 minutes went past when i heard her give me my command 'come on then you' what are you waiting for? Come and join us right now!

Well I wasn't about to miss anymore; I could recognize an invitation when I saw one! Without a word I unbuttoned my fly, pulled out my cock, stepped to the bed, and rammed Mr Happy home into Kim's ready cunt. She reared a little in surprise and just like that she creamed all over my cock, moaning to beat the band. I'd never had a woman come so quickly or so wantonly!

After being presented with one of my biggest fantasies I of course couldn't hold back long, so as soon as she came again I pulled out and spilled my seed all over Kim's back and ass. Panting, she said, 'Next time come in me. I won't mind if you make me preggers.'

Well that was a bit shocking but I donít know somehow the thought made me hard again in no time, even though probably she was just teasing me, as she liked to do. This time we positioned ourselves so that I was fucking my wife from behind while she licked clean Kim's cunt. Before long we all got off again and fell into a panting mass before heading to the showers which we needed by then.

Since then the three of us have kept mostly to each other, though we occasionally branch out a bit; after all, the wife likes a making me watch her being fucked by other men and women and who am i to complain?

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